National Market Week & National Campaign Reveal | NYC
Showcase the new jewelry collection - Crystal Galaxy - and reveal the new global face of the brand, and re-inspire the World of Swarovski.
Create an immersive 2-day B2B global event
for Swarovski’s buyers and licensors in NYC during market week
We knew the perfect venue to host the event, The Rainbow Room on Fifth Avenue. We designed the space to fully embrace the Crystal Galaxy theme.
A to Z event management for 230 valued partners who came for a business review and to look into the future of Swarovski with the brand’s executives.
with the surprise reveal of Swarovski’s new face for its Global Campaign, Karlie Kloss.
The next day, Swarovski's partners were invited to 620 Loft and Garden for a Marketing Program review. We had transformed the space from a white gallery, to a Swarovski Crystal jewelry exhibit, holding over 22 displays.
The suspense built. The presentations ended
The new #HowYouSayIt social media campaign and video was also launched that day.
Out-of-town guests enjoyed fine dining on the rooftop, with stunning views on St. Patrick's Cathedral.
The market week rendezvous turned into a team building event, with some Swarovski stakeholders from all countries connecting for the first time!
The #HowYouSayIt campaign was viewed by over 300,000 people!