Remy Cointreau
The first Virtual Americas Team Meeting | Online
Organizing the first virtual ‘Americas Team Meeting’ for Remy Cointreau Americas for its 275 team members across four time zones within four days.
The overall objectives were to inform, exchange, and celebrate all achievements during the difficult time of the pandemic.
Through a very thoughtful agenda around the theme "Commercial Excellence" the event format was limited to three hours a day at midday Monday through Thursday.
The program was diverse with management and brand updates, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, a special tasting, a product launch, and engagement activities, including live and platform-based contests.
All participants were invited to use a 100% customized SpotMe platform, very easy to navigate with a series of features and suggested activities.
These included several photo contests before and during the event, a live Shark Tank TV-inspired show, master class sessions, a mosaic photo surprise (memorable logo made out of the 275 participants photo portraits), and last but not least in-platform discussions and gamification during the entire event.
Our fully equipped video studio and virtual technical room allowed an HD TV broadcast-quality experience and a sophisticated corporate show look and feel with the right mix of pre-records and live presentations.
The event's highlight was the champagne launch and collective tasting given from both the vineyard and Paris office with a toast to Excellence by all 275 participants together on camera!
The first Remy Cointreau Americas Team Meeting virtual event
was an absolute success in engaging, reuniting, and motivating the team after working remotely for a year.
94% rated the event as excellent or good
99% of the participants liked the event's organization
96% enjoyed the virtual venue