Global Managing Directors Conference | NYC – London
This bi-annual corporate meeting aimed at sharing the Private Bank’s results, current projections and future objectives needed an inspiring backdrop and flawless organization.
top 200 Managing Directors from offices around the world in New York City for a three day internal conference.
Lazard Frères was to gather their
The theme of photography was used throughout the conference as a centerpiece. The background of the stage was a panoramic image of the New York skyline from the Lazard offices atop Rockefeller Center that evolved throughout the day to reflect the changing colors in the sky.
The iPad enhanced the on-site communication by including interactive features such as live polling and Q&A.
One unique element of this two day conference was that each attendee was given an iPad preloaded with all the conference content so they could keep all the content of the presentations handy.
Since, we have organized the same Global Managing Directors meeting in London in 2018 and back in NYC in 2019.
In the meantime in 2019, we also organized the 2019 VP Conference in Brooklyn, NYC.
This unique moment strengthened the company’s identity and values, highlighted local and global best practices. Most importantly it gave the Managing Directors an opportunity to network in an enthusing environment!