CTO Leadership Exchange | Gala Dinner | Utah
Elevate KPMG’s ‘typical’ gala dinner experience
that their top clients and guests have been attending for years.
We invited the guests to
We sourced artisanal bakers, craft brewers, cheese mongers, rangers, local winemakers, traditional chocolatiers, and more.
a "Farmer Market" customized for the occasion as Utah has a few very famous ones.
The night began with a cocktail reception, followed by a seated dinner and a night market for dessert, with live entertainment throughout.
We asked these 16 fresh and local Park City purveyors to provide their products for the 3 interactive experiences of the evening.
All guests were immersed in the very best of the local culinary culture of Deer Valley and Park City. They were served flavors at the peak of the current harvest season.
Not only did KPMG have an authentic, dynamic, healthy, and gastronomic dining experience, but it was also a first for Park City and Deer Valley!
The traditional gala dinner is no longer traditional.
This health-conscious and successful experience will now have to be reinvented for future editions and years to come!