Training Program | Gala Dinner | Pittsburgh
Our challenge
After the success of the "Empathy Dinner", KPMG’s leadership team challenged us to create a memorable and innovative experience for
80 senior level tax advisors focused on their new conference’s theme: "Innovation".
In collaboration with our food designer, Nico Fonseca, we produced a dinner based on the idea of "Innovation" and the dinner was created with the latest algorithms and AI, each one proposing different ways to think about food, and food systems.
The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh was the venue for the event. We chose this space as a nod to Andy Warhol’s innovative take on art and technology and his way of always challenging the status quo.
guests were invited to gather around this "Jason Pollock-like design" for a collective dining experience.
Using the questionnaire from the attendees at the past KPMG “Empathy” dinner, we took their likes and dislikes and submitted them to AI. The data was crunched to produce a set of collective recommendations about the dishes and ingredients that would best fit the group’s taste. The AI’s sole aim was to please, accommodate, and bring everyone together.
After a performative act where Nico and chef prepared the main course on the table,
Surprise, experience, interaction: the dinner was a meaningful memory-maker for each and all KPMG attendees. It made a point:
AI and data collection are a set of means. Those can be used for a positive and even delightful purpose!
Since the inaugural event, "The Future of Everything" has become a staple of insightful festivals in New York City!