Hublot | Samuel Ross
Launch of a new watch | NYC
Our challenge
Hublot, and iconic fashion designer (and founder of A-COLD-WALL), Samuel Ross.
To create an innovative twist on the collaboration between legendary Swiss watch makers,
For just 48 hours, the pop-up boutique of SoHo transformed the relationship between visual art and the language of watchmaking.
Hublot’s unique launch demanded sophistication, meticulous design, and a taste for the decadent things in life. Alongside their Parisian agency, Terres Rouges, the brand challenged our notions of time and space by presenting two simultaneous full-scale productions in Manhattan.
Revealed through two activations on New York’s 5th Avenue and in the heart of SoHo, the Big Bang Tourbillon shined as the gem of modern watchmaking.
With a race against time, the entire production needed to complete in a few short weeks. This included design, technical drawings, vendor bids, and logistical management.
Meanwhile, Hublot’s flagship store stunned New York with a massive vertical installation promising just how bold, and minimalist this mindset and collaboration was guaranteed to be.
Exclamation Group’s vision and reputation have been molded by the imagination of genius collaborations such as this. Hublot and Samuel Ross are two global icons that make Exclamation as meaningful as it is today
The simultaneous artistic experiences attracted considerable media attention and a high number of private sales.
Like the relationship between Hublot and Samuel Ross, the release of the Big Bang Tourbillon needed to be daring and impactful. Coupled with smooth flowing lines and intricate architecture, the dominating display of orange provided an immersive experience for luxury viewers.