Hublot | Samuel Ross
Launch of a new watch | NYC
it is the type of collaboration between 2 global icons that makes our agency even more meaningful today.
When Hublot and Samuel Ross (Founder of the fashion label A-COLD-WALL) partner for the launch of a new watch
Hublot, through Terres Rouges agency in Paris, needed an event partner in New York that is fluent in luxury, design, full large scale production and extremely detail-oriented in logistics in order to deliver two large activations in two separate locations in no time.
This new watch, a new piece of art that brings a new perspective and a new visual language to watchmaking,
was revealed in a 48 hours pop-up boutique, totally transformed for the occasion in the heart of SoHo.
In the meantime, the Hublot 5th Ave flagship was unveiling a giant vertical installation on its entire faсade to tease and announce to the world its new Big Bang Tourbillon.
the ambition of this unique collaboration where orange was the dominant color of choice!
Both artistic experiences needed to be bold and impactful to match