Havas Group
Global Leadership Meeting
London – NYC – LA – Madrid – Barcelona
Re-inventing for each edition of the Havas Global Leadership Meeting, a experience that has to be engaging, insightful and fun!
Following New-York, London and Madrid, in 2019 Barcelona was the new destination to gather 260+ employees globally.
The audience regroups top C-suite executives and senior leaders from all Havas Villages in the world to discuss strategy, content and business growth.
We chose to place the event under the theme of "Meaningfulness" as it is the new motto for the group!
We hosted the conference in the beautiful and modern W hotel in Barcelona with its modern architecture and striking views on the Mediterranean sea.
We designed a custom white canvas stage as a backdrop for the two day event with a large 16/9 LED
A unique exhibit portraying all the activities of Vivendi group took place during the two days for all guests to interact with.
A series of team-building activities took place in favor of local charities, among them a run on the beach, an architecture tour of the city, a mosaic workshop or an ecological trek.
The Gala dinner took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Guests had the privilege to visit the privatized museum first and then two royal tables accommodated all of them for a gastronomic dinner while some jazz music was performed live.
in its center in order to display impactful design, images and videos.
From pristine execution and logistics to the atmosphere we contributed to creating, this challenging worldwide meeting was deemed
one of the favorites of all times!