Global Press Launch | Evos concept car | Berlin
Launching event for Ford Evos, one of Ford’s concept cars that the brand traditionally releases every five years.
intriguing and memorable release for this luxuriously designed vehicle,
Ford wanted to create an
which made us the perfect partner.
"White space" was the conceptual anchor. It became the inspiration for the event design.
The stage-set was inspired alluded to the blank, white sheets of paper that designers face as they went through the five-year long process of designing the car.
To reinforce the sensation of movement, dynamics and speed of the vehicle, the screens were multi-facetted.
The backdrop enveloped a stage shaped like a paper sculpture installation – a perfect canvas and sleek surface to project Ford designers’ sketches and blueprints.
The music was composed specifically for the event and dramatized the slow and long-awaited entrance of the Evos onto the stage.
The dramatic reveal of the Evos received
standing ovation by the Global Press in attendance – a usually blasé and tough crowd to please!
We managed to ultimately position Ford as an innovation-first car maker, reinforcing their commitment to avant garde aesthetics in the field of design at large!