Privacy policy

1. General terms

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter — Privacy Policy) is compiled in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. The Privacy Policy determines the procedure for processing and protection the personal information by EXCLAMATION EVENTS LLC (hereinafter — the Operator).

1.1. The Operator considers obeying the civil and political rights and freedoms of a human and citizen as the ultimate goal and condition for fulfilment of its activity including protection of personal and family confidentiality when processing personal data.

1.2. Privacy Policy applies to all personal information that the Operator can collect about the visitors of the web-site

2. Privacy Policy Key Terms

2.1. Automatic processing of personal data is processing of personal data by means of computer technologies;

2.2. Blocking of personal data is a temporary termination of personal data processing (except in cases when processing is needed to update personal data);

2.3. Web-site is a set of graphical and information materials as well as computer programs and data bases that allow for its accessibility in the Internet at web-address

2.4. Information system of personal data is a set of personal data contained in data bases, information technologies, and technical means that allow for processing of personal data.

2.5. Depersonalization of personal data is a process ensuring that the ownership of personal data belonging to any particular user cannot be established without some additional information.

2.6. Personal data processing is any action (or data manipulation) or any series of actions (or data manipulations) with personal data including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, and destruction of personal data by using any automatic means or without it.

2.7. Operator is an any government agency, municipal authority, legal body or private individual, who individually or in cooperation with others organizes and/or processes personal data as well as determines aims of personal data procession, types of personal data to be processed, and action to be undertaken over personal data.

2.8. Personal data is any data directly or indirectly concerning any particular user of

2.9. User is an any visitor of the web-site

2.10. Personal data sharing is actions aimed at sharing personal data with particular person or set of persons.

2.11. Disclosure of personal data is any actions aimed at personal data disclosure to the public including publishing it in mass media or information and telecommunications networks or disclosure by any other means.

2.12. International data transfer is a transfer of personal data to foreign countries, i.e to other countries authorities, foreign individuals and legal bodies.

2.13. Personal data extraction is any actions aimed at irrecoverable data deletion with no possibility to restore it in the information system or destruction of physical media on which personal data are stored.

3. The Operator can process the following User's data

3.1. Full name;

3.2. E-mail address;

3.3. Employer company name;

3.4. Other personal data provided by a User in accordance with the bylaw.

3.5. Personal Data is collected and processed automatically, for example with the help of cookie files by means of the third-party tools (Google Analytics and others).

3.8. All the data listed above are mentioned hereinafter as the Personal Data.

4. Aims of personal data processing

4.1. The aims of processing User's personal data include: notification of a User by email; conclusion, execution and termination of civil law contracts; providing the User with access to services, information and / or materials contained on the website.

4.2. The Operator has rights to notify User about new products and services, special offers and different events. User can choose to opt out of notification email list by sending a message with the subject line "Unsubscribe from the notification on new products, services and special offers" to

4.3. Anonymized User's data collected by means of the internet statistics services are used to summarize User activities on web-site, and to improve the web-site quality and content.

5. Legal basis for personal data procession

5.1. The operator processes User's personal data only if it was provided by User himself by filling special forms at the web-site By filling the forms or sending one's personal data to the the Operator the User agrees with and accepts this Privacy Policy.

5.2. The Operator processes anonymized personal data only in case it is allowed in the User's web- browser setting (if the cookie files saving option is on and the JavaScript technology is used).

6. Personal data collection, storage, sharing and other ways to process data

Personal data collection, storage, sharing and other ways to process data, as well as data protection is carried out in accordance with the bylaw, taking all necessary technical and organizational precautions.

6.1. The Operator ensures personal data safety and takes all necessary precautions against unauthorized access or other unauthorized actions of third parties.

6.2. Under no circumstances will personal data be shared with the third parties with the exception of the cases explicitly stated in the law.

6.3. In case there is a need to update User's personal data the User can do so by sending a relevant message with the subject line "Personal Data Update" to

6.4. Terms of the Personal data processing are not limited in time. User can withdraw his or her consent to the Personal data processing by sending a relevant message with the subject line "Withdrawal of Consent to Personal Data Processing" to

7. International data transfers

7.1. Before conducting an international data transfer, the Operator must ensure that the foreign country in the territory of which it is intended to transfer provides reliable protection of the rights of the personal data owner.

7.2. International data transfer to the foreign countries that do not meet the abovementioned requirements can only be conducted upon owner's written approval on international data transfer or in order to perform the contract if the personal data owner is one of the parties of the contract.

8. Concluding remarks

8.1. The User can get any explanation on any issues regarding his or her personal data procession by sending a relevant query to

8.2. Privacy Policy may be subject to modifications which will be reflected in the current document. Privacy policy is valid until it is substituted by a new version.

8.3. The current Privacy Policy can always be found at: