Remy Cointreau Group
Americas Team Meeting | 250 attendees | Hilton Caribe, San Juan Puerto Rico
Re-inventing for each edition of the Americas Team Meeting, an experience that has to be engaging, insightful and fun for all employees of Remy Cointreau Group in the Americas
The overall objectives were to inform, exchange, and celebrate all achievements during the difficult time of the pandemic.
The destination:
San Juan, Puerto Rico
We hosted this all employee gathering in the iconic Caribe Hilton in San Juan with its modern architecture and tropical landscape right on the Caribbean Sea.
The experience:
The experience was a mix of plenary sessions, workshops, tastings, teambuilding, gala dinner, cocktail and dinner rounds the city.
The team building:
This activity resonates strongly with the strong and famous commitment from Remy Cointreau towards protecting the environment.
Among the new activities in the program, there was a team building, involving all employees and taking place in favor of a local organization in order to clean a close by beach and save the wild sea animals. 485 pounds of trash over 110 bags and over 5800 items were collected.
250 attendees
Those ratings are the best ever registered in the history of the Americas Team Meeting.
The results are spectacular: 98% of the participants rated the overall organization very good or good and rated the overall experience very good or good at 96%.